Book Design: Poems for our Ex-Lovers

The local Moab cultural and arts magazine The Dust Magazine sponsored the creation of a collaboration poem book designed around the theme of past lovers. It was adeptly named Poems for our Ex-Loves.

With a lot of time already invested in the magazine, I decided the book would be a fun project to work on. I submitted haikus and volunteered time to design the layout. The final product is beautiful with stunning pages, but it took many late nights of work from both myself and Jojo Matson. Indesign became my real lover.

Below are some samples of the finished pages.

Copyright The Dust Magazine
Instigator: Jacque Garcia
Illustrations: Hassnaa
Cover Art: Dailey Haren
Book Design: Emma Renly + Jojo Maston

Still intrigued? Purchase your own copy online at Back of Beyond Books