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The Dust Magazine

The Dust Magazine began as an online magazine based solely in Moab back in 2018. The goal was simple: Bring together the creative and passionate community in the small desert town. In 2019 the focus was changed from online to print publication and in 2020 the location expanded to include the 4 Corners Region. The Dust Magazine now publishes two issues a year, the  spring and fall editions. Three women create the dust team - myself, Jacque Garcia and Jojo Matson.

Poems for our Ex-Lovers

In the winter of 2019 The Dust Magazine (and Jacque’s bartending money) sponsored the creation of a collaboration poem book designed around the theme of past lovers. It was adeptly named Poems for our Ex-Lovers. Through many late nights of work, I designed the 100-page book that would be home to the poem submissions. My own haiku series titled, ‘An Unfinished Series,’ was featured throughout the different chapters.

Pink Van Life

The first time I met Maja Sowa was the morning after an all-night festival in the middle of the desert. She was the only other person determined as me to go climbing the next day and thank god for that because we’ve been friends since. The backstory of how Maja came-to-be is way too complicated to describe. However, to paraphrase her life:

1. Maja climbs harder than you.

2. She owns and lives in a pink van (which is quite distinctive compared to the rows of white sprinters normally owned by dirtbag climbers).

3. Her best gal is husky named Nika, often referred to as the most beautiful girl in the world.

4. In the off-season she lives and blows glass in a broken-down bus in Moab, which is how #pinkvanlife came to be during a rainy spring day.