April 4th, 2019

Under Dog Rescue Moab: Adoption Event

“Hey do you want to hold a puppy?” I asked unsuspecting shoppers as they left the local thrift store.  On this particular day the nonprofit Underdog Rescue and Rehabilitation was holding an adoption event for a litter of puppies from a nearby reservation. Undeterred by any answer other than ‘yes,’ I spent the afternoon passing out these puppies to random strangers. 

The goal was simple: Adopt out as many  puppies as possible to good homes. What a great way to spend the day. While only one puppy found it’s forever home to a Colorado couple, four other in the litter are still up for adoption with potential homes on the docket.


If you’re reading this blog piece and are craving a puppy, check out their adorable-ass faces in the photos below.

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